Monday, 23 June 2014

Tutorial time......

This month is all about the tutorial at Rainbow Splendour and today is my turn to share with you a layout I completed over at Show Us Your Stuff, and I love how it turned out. It is one of the quickest mixed media layouts I have ever completed and one of the most effective too. 

Gather your supplies.......

You will need an Archive ink.
Some shape stamps.
Dylusions or if you dont have them you can use Gelatos or Ecoline ink.
A Plastic Bag
A mister bottle filled with water.

When I stamp I always group objects together and often in odd numbers. You need to use an archive ink so it doesnt run when you use your water and Dylusions.

Once your happy with your stamping, mist a little water in the first circle (step 3).

Undo your bottle and use the misters as a paint brush and drop your colour on the water you misted in step 3. Work in your first colour and dry before you do the next.

Grab your plastic bag and swipe your 3rd colour in a line and get ready to use it as a stamp.

If you want to blend out some of the lines from the plastic bag just lightly mist the bag and stamp over where you stamped before. Now its just a matter of finishing off the layout. Dont forget to add some Rainbow Splendour goodies.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, if you do a layout leave a link in the comments and we will come and check it out. Till next time.... have a creative day.


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