Tuesday, 3 March 2015

just Sharing Some LOVE...................... of Rainbow Splendour...

Why hello my dears..
Just popping in to share some magic of rainbow splendour..
so some of you who visited the last sale got some awesome little vellum circle cuts in your package as a little surprise..
well guess what SO DID I............ and I just had to use them straight away...
 LOVE how easy they were to use.. just cluster some together .. randomly stitch them on and wallah... easy and super funky extra to your layout...
next is what I created for March's Show us your stuff challenge....
"with You"
 I've added some closies so that you can see the extra detail and magic...
 that deer pin............... seriously people how CUTE is that..
so easy just to add it so that you have a little something extra..
 and then the polaroid frames complete with sparkle.. I'm not really a glitter girl but even I LOVE these...... team it up with a cute vellum bow and what a feature you have to draw your attention down to the super cute photos {even if I say so myself}
and then I made a CARD..
"Happy Birthday"
teamed up a cute purple felt bow
{how well are these made.. I just wanted to point that out.. the detail.. yay}
added a Crown pin and some random extras..
worked a treat..
thank you all for looking..
Don't forget to keep an ear out for the next sale..
and we would love to see your creations on the facebook page!!!
happy days..

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