Thursday, 18 September 2014

Loving Layers

Good morning. Rikki here today. Spring is in the air finally!! and with that in mind today I thought I would share with you something with fresh colours and of course loads of Rainbow Splendour goodies. This layout that came together quite quick for a change and sometimes all you need is a new photo for some inspiration

I love layering, using up all my scrap pattern papers, for this I usually use staples and pins. The Rainbour Splendour Pretty Pins are perfect for holding a lot of layers together and they have great reach for lengthy layers.

Sometimes you need a contrast against a bold background, why dont you use a Rainbow Splendour Butterfly in plain white?

It wouldnt be my layout without a Rainbow Splendour Bow and remember I talked about clustering embellishments based on scale? in the last post, I have done it here again, its fail proof.

And last but least a close up of the Rainbow Splendour Pretty Pin.... I hope you managed to get some of the next designs at the last sale, they sold quick let me tell you.

Till next time have a creative day.

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