Thursday, 8 August 2013

2nd Birthday SALE

Saturday 7pm: SALE has now finished! A BIG thank you to everyone for all your support! I will have a busy couple of days finishing off the rest of the orders!!! Congrats to the winners of the Lucky Order Numbers (they have been notified) ... enjoy your extra goodies!! I might just have to do Lucky Order Numbers again - they were heaps of fun!! .

Now, don't forget the Guest Designer comp ... I can't wait to see some creations using Rainbow Splendour on our wall!! Have a great weekend, or what's left of it  :-)

TWO YEARS OF SALES!!!  How exciting!!!  To celebrate, during this sale, there will be LUCKY ORDER NUMBERS who will win a share of this rainbow of prizes!!  6 colours - 6 prizes!  Orders will be numbered the order I receive them.

Lucky order numbers will be:

How to order: Browse through the items here in this blog post and email me with your list.
With your order, please include:
* your name and address
* how you wish to pay

All orders within Australia will be $1.20 for standard delivery.
Orders over $30 will have free postage.
International postage will start at $5.00.

Payment methods:
Orders can be paid by your choice of Direct Deposit or PayPal. If Paypal, please include your paypal address with your order.
Payment is required within 3 days of your order confirmation please, unless otherwise arranged.

Please bear in mind that buttons may not be the same as the sample photo. Some things are drawn and cut out freehandedly or sewn by hand - so each is unique ;-). Let me know if you have any questions about anything!

Let's begin!


Some old favourites:

Rainbow Petals:
- approx 8cm wide and 4.5cm high
- set of 2 as shown
- self adhesive

Purple rainbow petals $2.50 SORRY SOLD OUT

Pink Rainbow Petals $2.50

Yellow Rainbow Petals $2.50

Red Rainbow Petals $2.50

Flower pops (new design)  SORRY SOLD OUT
- pack of 3 random mix of colours from the range below

Heart Wheels:
- each are approx just under 4cm across
- pack of 2 as shown

Teal heart wheels $3.00

(new colour!) Purple heart wheels $3.00  SORRY SOLD OUT

Silver heart wheels $3.00

Sunbursts (new design)
- large: 5cm across, small: 3cm across
- one large and two small in a pack as shown
- self adhesive

Pink sunbursts $2.50 SORRY SOLD OUT

Purple sunbursts $2.50  SORRY SOLD OUT

Yellow sunbursts $2.50 SORRY SOLD OUT

Red sunbursts $2.50

Rainbow Roses
- Pack of 2 felt roses with 2 {unattached} leaves as shown
- Roses are approx 3.5cm across
- Large leaf approx 6cm long
- Small leaf approx 4.5 cm long

(new colour!) Teal roses $2.50

(new colour) Kraft roses $2.50

Deep red roses $2.50

(new colour!) Blue roses $2.50

Pink roses $2.50

Pinwheels (they are back!!!  New design!!)
- pack of 2
- each one approx. 2 inches across

Kraft/aqua pinwheels $2.50  SORRY SOLD OUT

Navy/orange spice pinwheels $2.50  SORRY SOLD OUT

Teal/yellow pinwheels $2.50

Pink/yellow pinwheels $2.50  

Our ever popular CHEVIES!!  (New colours!!)
- pack of 2 as shown
- approx 4cm high, 3.5cm wide

Navy/yellow chevies $2.50

Kraft/lime chevies $2.50

Teal/black chevies $2.50

Pink yellow chevies $2.50 

Primary chevies $2.50

Rainbow Leaves
- four different colours in each pack
- one large and one small leaf in each colour
- Large leaf approx 6cm long
- Small leaf approx 4.5 cm long

Leaf pack ONE $1.50

Leaf pack TWO $1.50 SORRY SOLD OUT


And that's it this time.

I'd like to take this time to say THANK YOU - everyone - for your support in what has been a fantastic 2 years of creating and selling my handmade creations.  Never in a million years would I have thought I'd make it this far.  Thank you for taking the time to support my little 'business' and indeed, coming back for more! 

I just love seeing what you create with Rainbow Splendour and am very honoured every time you choose to include them on your projects.  Some have even made it into Scrapbooking Publications!  Wow!! 

Thanks again from all here at the Rainbow Splendour HQ :-)


Thank you for visiting Rainbow Splendour! Hope you have a happy day :-)