Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas sale - what's left :-)

Hi everyone!

The sale over at Scrapbooking Top 50 went really well and I only have a few things left.  I thought I would offer them to you here on the blog.  All the Christmas goodies have sold out, sorry.

To order:  Please EMAIL ME with your order, address and how you want to pay (Direct Deposit or Paypal). 

Postage:  will be actual cost and I'll let you know when you order.  Most orders are costing $1.20.

Bookpaper star pops (pack of 3) $1.50 SOLD OUT SORRY

Mustache pops (pack of 2) $1.50

Flower pops (pack of 3 random mix of colours from the range below)  $2.00

Lace flowers - these come in a pack of 2 and are approx 5.5cm across.

Pink lace flowers $3.00

Grey lace flowers $3.00 SOLD OUT SORRY

Yellow lace flowers $3.00 SOLD OUT SORRY
Ferris wheels.  These are a new creation!! They are 2.5 inches round. They come singularly.

Pink Ferris Wheel $1.50

Navy/Grey Ferris Wheel $1.50 SOLD OUT SORRY

That's all that's left!!   Thanks for all your support throughout the year, I do appreciate it :-)

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