Friday, 13 June 2014

Rainbow Petals + Card-making ....

Hi again,

This month, Chloe sent me some Rainbow Petals.
And I set myself a challenge: one hour to make 4 cards. (gotta work efficiently around here!)
I'm not a confident card-maker, but with some great embellishments, some stamps and ink, and a few easy finishes, I was easily able to make these cards in the time I had.

So there you go - 4 cards in one hour!
Once I decided what direction the Rainbow Petal should face on the card, I was able to design the card and layer embellishments around it. I was super happy at how different all the cards ended up looking!

Tips for these cards:
* Layer green paper leaf and paper rose on your Rainbow Petal.
* Ink the edges of the card, and using the same ink colour for some light stamping on the background.
* Use word stickers for easy labels on your cards.
* Rule lines and crack out your water paints for the quick and easy sun burst effect!
* Strips of Washi Tape are always a winner for quick cards!

Have fun and happy creating this month!


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