Saturday, 14 June 2014

Feather bundle

LAST post from me this month!

Got inspired this week... and this page resulted.

I started with Rainbow Splendour Polaroids and feathers in white/black and grey.... When I needed to add ONE more colour - yellow was an easy pick! Even a black and white Chevron Pretty Pin made it there!

My favourite tip for you all on this page, is how to make the feather bundle. So EASY to do:
1. Layer 3 feathers of different sizes and colours, and arrange nicely.
2. I put a piece of wire at the back to create a stronger stem.
3. Wind some twine around the base of the feathers and wire.
4. Tie off the end with a bow.

Thanks for looking at my pages here at RAINBOW SPLENDOUR this month. Can't wait to see what other tips and tutorials the other DT girls bring us!


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