Thursday, 10 December 2015

Welcome to the December SALE!!

**Edited to add**  The sale is now finished and I am all sold out!!  Parcels will be packed and sent when payments come in.  Thank you once again for your support :)

Hello and Welcome to last SALE for the year!!

Sale starts TONIGHT @ 7pm (QLD time) and will go until Friday night 7pm (or until sold out)

How to order:  Browse through the items here in this blog post and email me at rainbowsplendour{at}yahoo{dot}com{dot}au with your order. 
With your order, please include:
* your name and address
* how you wish to pay

All orders within Australia will be $1.50 for standard delivery.
Orders over $60 will have free postage.
International postage will be quoted per order.

Payment methods:
Orders can be paid by your choice of Direct Deposit or PayPal. If Paypal, please include your paypal address with your order.
Payment is required within 3 days of your order confirmation please, unless otherwise arranged.

Please bear in mind that items may not be the same as the sample photo. Some things are drawn and cut out freehandedly or sewn by hand - so each is unique ;-). Let me know if you have any questions about anything!

Let's begin!

Rainbow Pretty Pins
- these are on hair bobby pins so you could use as a hair accessory if you wished!
- pack of 2 as shown
Red Spotty Heart Pretty Pins - $3.00 SOLD OUT SORRY

Purple Spotty Heart Pretty Pins - $3.00

Aqua Spotty Heart Pretty Pins - $3.00  SOLD OUT SORRY
Hot Pink Spotty Heart Pretty Pins - $3.00
Green Flower Pretty Pins - $3.00  SOLD OUT SORRY

 Black Flower Pretty Pins - $3.00  SOLD OUT SORRY
Yellow Flower Pretty Pins - $3.00  SOLD OUT SORRY
Blue Flower Pretty Pins - $3.00  SOLD OUT SORRY
Star Wood Veneer Pretty Pins - $3.00  SOLD OUT SORRY

 Heart Wood Veneer Pretty Pins - $3.00  SOLD OUT SORRY
Wood Veneer!!!
We have created some wood veneer designs just for Rainbow Splendour!

Wood Veneer word pack $5.00
- each word is approx. 7.5cm x 2.5cm

Wood Veneer Rainbows $2.00  SOLD OUT SORRY
- each rainbow is approx. 6cm x 3.5cm

Rockets and Robots - $3.00  SOLD OUT SORRY
- robot approx. 7.5cm high and 6.5cm wide
- rockets approx. 2.5cm high and 1.25cm wide
- pack of one robot and 2 rockets as shown

Lightning Bolts - $1.50
- sizes from approx. 7.5cm high, 5cm high, 3.5cm high
- pack of the 3 different sizes as shown

Clouds - $1.50  SOLD OUT SORRY
- clouds approx. 2.5cm high and 4cm long
- pack of 2 clouds and 2 stars as shown

Vellum bows
- 2 large bows as shown- approx. 8cm x 3cm

Black and Gold bows - $2.50  SOLD OUT SORRY

Yellow and Aqua bows - $2.50 SOLD OUT SORRY

Red and Lime bows - $2.50

Gold foil ampersand bows - $2.50 SOLD OUT SORRY

- each pack will differ slightly in colours and textures
- each pack consists of 8 leaves

Leaf pack - $1.00


and that's all for this sale! 

A MASSIVE thank you to all my supporters ... I could not and would not have got this far without you all.  I would never have guessed I would be making these handmade goodies for FOUR and a half years!! 

I really appreciate each and every one of you.  Thank you so much!  Have a great holiday season and we'll see you next year!

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