Thursday, 30 October 2014

October Sketch at Rainbow Splendour! Take #2

So I took Chloe's awesome sketch.... and rotated it 90 degrees.... like this:

This simple rotation allowed me to create a whole new page design.... This is such an easy way to make one sketch be used over and over! flip, rotate, reverse... easy!

Here is my page and some close ups!

I gesso'd and gelato'd and stamped the background.... It does have a yellow paper at the base, which is really hard to photograph - I need a lesson! But I really like sticking my messy white backgrounds onto another piece of paper or cardstock - firstly because it is a nice frame for the page, but also because it helps the page lay flat, rather than warping from the paint and water.

I used one of the new Rainbow Splendour layered triangles, and a go-to-Rainbow Splendour leaf!

Thanks for looking....!!!



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